Emma Christina Lucia Rochester PhD

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Emma Rochester. What is Courtly Love... Performance of undertermined length. Dimanche Rouge. Petit Bain. Edition 10. 2011

Emma Rochester. Weaving The River's Edge. Documentation of Performance at Wagga Wagga Beach. Wagga Wagga Public Art Program. 2012

Dimanche Rouge Edition #10 Paris. 2012

Invited to perform 'What is courtly...' a performance about desert women who return to arid places in Israel, Egypt, Syria and Jordan as a form of Spiritual reclusion. She is interviewed about her working process at 7:32 minutes.

Please note the sound in the video does not correspond to her performance but to other performances being undertaken simulataneously.

Emma Rochester (Video & Performance Artist) with Hektor Kafka (Sound & Performance Artist). Turn to Face the Sky. Documentation of Exhibition at Galerie Aqui Siam Ben, Vallauris, France, 2011.

Emma Rochester. Circular structures as feminine echoes... Documentation of Exposition. 2011




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